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Bag a Friend

When asked about what is the one thing that we always carry when we step out of our homes, we all have our list. But, what we tend to forget is the one thing that carries our list in it. Our bags.

Bags are the most sought after and functional fashion accessory of the modern times. Now available in a variety of shapes, materials, colours and sizes, bags have become quintessential fashion statements that add character to our outfits and personality.

So how do you decide what bag is best suited for your style? It can be daunting but here’s a list of the top 5 things to keep in mind while making that choice.

Length – Choose a length depending on which part of your body the bag sits

Size – Your bag should be proportional to your height

Shape – Buy a bag which compliments your body shape

Style – Pick a bag that matches your sense of style

Usage – Choose your bag based on the purpose of its use

While the above points are important from a fashion point of view there is one very important thing that we need to remember. Like good friends, our bags are with us during good times and bad.

So, remember to look for a durable, dependable “bag version” of your friend.

Artilea Bags are your best friend when it comes to carrying your worlds effortlessly and in style.

Artilea bags are made from wool and polyester felt fabrics combined with other materials like art leather.  Wool Felt is one of the oldest known textiles that is high quality and softest fabric. Adding a percentage of synthetic fibres can increase felt’s durability. Meaning Polyester Felt is the best of both worlds! Durability and an absolute cloud like feel make it the perfect material for making bags.

Artilea bags are one of a kind and perfect for that minimalistic, polished look that is the current trend. So shop online for your favourite color and kind at and while you are at it, do refer us to a friend too! 😊

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